Do you think and feel that we live in a chaotic world?

Personally I don’t think that there is a single person, who will disagree that this world of ours is chaotic.


Human beings have evolved to live in a rat race, constantly striving to better our selves and it is never enough. Once we achieve what we have set out for, we reassess our goals.


So it is a constant struggle, and an uphill task at every single moment of our lives.


Most of humanity views this as progress/ evolution.

But is it?


If this is what is meant to make us tick, shouldn’t we be happier, healthier and much more in balance?


Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which perspective you wish to take, we are bombarded, and yes the word is “bombarded”with low frequencies at all levels.


The average soul isn’t even aware of this.

Today my goal is to educate people to understand this information and use it to better themselves as human beings at whichever stage of life they are in, so what you wish to do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.


My advice is to keep what you resonate with and be free to discard the rest.


Now that the stage is set, lets start our journey together and please feel free to stop and ask questions at any time.


As this is the beginning of a long and deep rabbit hole,

I would like to start with the basics.


Over the past few years we have heard this many times over – “ Don’t use any dental product, which contains fluoride”.


Did you know?


  • Drinking water in most of Europe and America contains high percentage of fluoride.


  • Our children are recommended fluoride treatments to prevent cavities.


I have personally subjected my children to this, due to lack of awareness.


Why is this happening?





Lets look at the bigger picture first.


Do you know what is the pineal gland?


It is a gland the size of a pea, and is located an inch and a half, behind the third eye.


It works like a portal, a window to other dimensions and realms.


The pineal kicks into action during meditation and any other esoteric work.


Many philosophers call the pineal gland, the seat of the soul.


The fluoride in the water and toothpaste tend to calcify the pineal gland thus rendering it useless.


This kind of creates a barrier, which slows down and denies any guidance from the higher realms.


If you don’t have any spiritual guidance, you don’t have discernment.


And this is exactly what the world leaders want.


A zombie like humanity that does not question.


Now this may seem silly and ridiculous to many, but bear with me. By being aware, one can decide, which things to eliminate, from ones life. Thus being able to maintain some kind of balance.

Do we live in a world where everything that needs to heat fast has to be done using Microwaves?


Luckily in many Asian countries, the use is limited to the minority.


But all over the world the usage is rampant.


The mantra “INSTANT GRATIFICATION” seems to be at work here, once again.


I am not a science or mathematical driven person. I cannot give you exact numbers, and quote statistics. But I can give you my word that everything I reproduce here, is done with the utmost of integrity and honesty.


Now lets return to the seemingly innocent microwave.


X number of microwave usage, is equivalent to the radiation from an x ray. And trust me, the number is a low one. You can Google it. › … › GEORESONATERS


Do you not feel foods tend to feel dehydrated?


Even microwaving water, is adding radiation to it.


When microwaves first came out, they said don’t stand near by, while it is on. ( this theory has been dismissed in America as the magnetrons are much more sophisticated )


Really? And it is ok to heat and cook our food.



Now folks you see clearly a “dumb down syndrome”


  • “We have stopped questioning. We have stopped thinking”


  • We are brainwashed into believing that all news is the truth, we are tuned to trust people in positions of authority.


Personally if I had to rate the number one greatest menace in our time -it is the television.


It is responsible for the dumb down factor. It is mind programing to the fullest; the Americans continue to be the highest consumers of TV’s in the world

  •   All advertisements encourage us to desire irrelevant things.
  • What unhealthy food to eat


  • What medicines to take to lose weight after eating those unhealthy foods


All these things take us further down the trap of energetic enslavement and ultimately poison our bodies.


Please be aware of the all the subliminal messages being shoved down our unsuspecting throat, about money, sex, drugs, material consumption etc.







This is one of the reasons why cancers and people suffering from multiple illnesses are in the hundreds of thousands and the long-term cures are flourishing business now.


It is everywhere, because we are consuming poisons disguised as nutrition and vitamins.


Most households have the TV on constantly, whether someone is watching or not.


Humans as a species are uncomfortable with silence from the time they are born.


However we are being bombarded with waves of a frequency that is not compatible with the human structure.

Dr. Simon Atkins, speaks very eloquently on this subject. In fact he speaks very eloquently on many subjects. His website is

All this is scientifically proven, just go on to the internet and do your research.

Some of the best alternative news websites, I am listing below.This way one can keep abreast of what is going on. And how we are constantly being lied to.



Unfortunately I do not have the talent to present it in a more concise manner.


If you must have the tv on then please mute down the ads.






Vaccinations have always been and are very much under the scanners.


The vaccinations that were administrated till the 1980s, were done with the energy of integrity.


Today every western government is promoting vaccines in every form.


Australia as a continent, has made it mandatory for every pre school kid to be vaccinated with irrelevant vaccines, otherwise they wont be admitted in school.


Now they are telling us what to put into our bodies???

Are we really ok with that?

The measles vaccine is linked to autism in children. This is a proven fact.

The flu vaccine is also suspect. You inoculate your child and he/she still gets the flu.

I have a friend in New York, with a 3 year old child.

She asked the authorities, that in spite of the vaccine, her child still gets the flu.

The answer, and be ready for this, as this is a classic example of irrationality at work.

The answer was… it only works on some strains.

Do you see the point, that I am trying to make here?

We do things in automation mode. We don’t question. We don’t think.

Isn’t this being dumbed down.


California has a vaccine mandatory.

But there is a thing called a vaccine wavier. You go to the appropriate office, and say you don’t believe in vaccines, and you get a wavier.

What does this say?

If you are aware enough/ awake enough… you have a cop out.

So yes, there is an extremely insidious agenda going on, and the only safe guard from it, is your own consciousness.

So it is time now people, to take responsibility for your life, and the life of your loved ones, and what you create around you.

For those who wish to take this further, the two pioneers in this field of whistleblowing are DAVID WILCOCK and SIMON PARKES.

David Wilcock is a master at intertwining science and spirituality.

I strongly recommend checking them out.